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The latin music orchestra - The Modern Latin Band - is a musical project that experiment with styles and composers from the American continent.



La orquesta de musica latina -The modern latin band- es un proyecto musical que experimenta con estilos y autores de todo de todo el continente Americano.



Antonio Salcedo

Sax player and Producer



Antonio Salcedo, Mexican- born musician living in Copenhagen Denmark for the last 35 years.

Studied music and percussion in Mexico Conservatorio Nacional de Musica. Moreover, attended numerous workshops in Brazilian music history and theory in Universidad de Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and Cuban traditional and religious drumming at Instituto Superior de Arte in Cuba. Furthermore, attended the first World Music workshops at University of California in Santa Cruz, USA

In Mexico played with groups playing experimental folklore music and fusion with jazz, rock and latin rythms such as Grupo Antorcha, Un Viejo Amor, La Nopalera .

In Denmark has participated, organized and founded different bands and projects with musicians from Scandinavia, Latin America, USA and Canada such as Poder Popular, the first Latin American/Danish orchestra that recorded, toured and played all over Europe.

During the years has worked as a theatre musician under the direction of Fussy and Pierre Dørge among other things.

Has taught music and rhythms from Latin America in several schools and music academies in Denmark at: Den Rytmiske Aftenskole i København, Brandbjerg, Holbæk og Ærø Højskole. Is currently working at Roskilde Lilleskole as a music teacher and is Co-founder of the Danish World Music Association in Denmark.

Daniel Gomez

Bassist and Co-Producer



My journey begins in Colombia; Medellin where I started to play music in the church when I was 15 years old. I loved the music and realized the big power and effect it has on people. The musicians that I met, made me inspired to learn more and I started to study music on my own through books and internet. I also contacted and played with musicians who had knowledge about different genres as classical music, folk-music and gospel.

I came to Sweden in 2010 and in 2013 I studied jazz/bass at Birka Folkhögskola, and 2014 I started Worldmusic with orientation to jazz.

In Sweden I have gotten the opportunity to meet different musicians like; Pär Moberg, Mats Eden, Tina Naranjo, Roy Okutani; Andres Rotmistrovsky and others. I learned a lot from these people under the years.

My playing is inspired of both my musical background in Colombia, but also a lot from the jazzgenre and folk music from all around the world. I work a lot with blending cultures but also styles. I also want to put new light to the bass as instrument and its role in an ensemble, thru using different techniques to play.

I’m always curious for new ways to play and I love to explore the music thru genres and new constellations. Now I am very happy to be part of The Modern Latin Band.



Niels Thybo

Pianist and Co-Producer


I was born into a family of musicians. I’ve been singing as long as I can remember. My first instrument was the violin, followed by electric bass, guitar, upright bass, some flute, drums, percussion and more until the piano became my main love and instrument. While studying the piano at the conservatory in Copenhagen, I jammed and played jazz gigs and gradually began writing music more and more. Since I became a member of Salsa Na’Ma, I’ve had a passion for Latin American Music.

In this point in my career to be in the modern Latin band begins to make one of the most promising projects for the future!



“... One of Denmark’s leading jazz pianists and composers.. Thybo is a world class musician with strong ties to the jazz tradition but very European roots...” (The Tenor Clef, London jazz festival)


“...first of all he’s performing in his own right, improvising with great imagination and a subtle though still intensely glowing expression...” (Orkesterjournalen/S)


“...sprængt og abstrakt, men også fantasibefordrende udtryk...lyriske vandhuller omgivet af sprælske rødder og vildskud af utæmmet musik, der ikke sådan lader sig indfange af ord...” (Jazz Special/DK)


“...Alle diese komponenten fügen sich zu stimmigen, sehr originellen Klanglandschaften...” (Jazz Live/D)


“...mixes elements of modern classical music into the language and feeling of jazz...as a soloist he showed off his eminent skills....the originality of his writing was evident...(Fyns Stiftstidende/DK)


“...Thybo har en egen udstråling, udtrykskraft og nerve...”

(Århus Stiftstidende/DK)


“....Niels Thybo..hvis harmonisk både dristige og raffinerede klaverspil jeg ikke mindes at have hørt smukkere udfoldet end her...” (Berlingske Tidende/DK) rev. july 2016

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